Nothing is easy when it comes to explaining death to a child, especially if it’s a family member who passed away. You may feel hesitant to discuss this matter with him, or you’re completely clueless on how to start the conversation. But here’s a fact – you can’t avoid it. You need to face the situation and let your child know what’s really happening. With this in mind, here are five helpful tips on how to tell your child.

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  1. Introduce the concept of death.

The first thing that your child needs to understand is the concept of death – that at a certain time, people will die. Enlighten your child that death is an inevitable phase in a person’s life.

You also have to explain how death happens. You may tell the possible causes of death and what happens to a person when he dies. For instance, you might say, “A person may die because of an accident or he’s too old or sick. And when he dies, his heart stops beating.”

Your child, however, may ask you questions like, “Why is the person in a casket?” or “Is the person coming back?” Explaining this part of death is quite challenging but you have to be realistic. Make your child realize that death is permanent and there’s no way the person is coming back. It

  1. Set the expectations.

If your child hasn’t visited the funeral home yet, you have to prepare him by describing what to expect during a funeral service. Obviously, families and friends of the deceased will be present. So tell your child who will be there and their relation to the deceased. Your child may see them crying, and you have to reassure them that it’s natural for those people to cry.

And also, you may want to describe the casket Singapore and the reason why the deceased is lying inside so that your child won’t be surprised when he sees it.

  1. Let your child carry out funeral rituals.

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Getting your child involved will make it easier for him to understand the situation. You may allow her to place items inside the casket Singapore such as incense, which is believed to be used by the deceased on his journey to the other world.

Other rituals are placing of jade in the mouth, offering of food, wearing a mourning badge, chanting, and burning of paper beside the casket Singapore.

  1. Allow your child to express his feelings and thoughts.

It’s likely that your child would have some thoughts after attending a funeral service or seeing the deceased in a casket Singapore. Let him talk about it. And if he starts to get emotional, just let him cry and give him a warm hug.

But if he chooses to be silent about it, respect it. This is a common reaction among children. Children have their own ways of grieving.

  1. Explain the changes to happen.

As previously stated, you have to make your child realize that death is permanent. That will make it easier for him to accept the fact that the deceased will no longer be there during family reunions, birthday, and other occasions.

Death is bound to happen. Whether it’s expected or sudden, parents are responsible to fully explain death and its consequences to their children. And if you don’t know how to do it, arm yourself with the foregoing tips.