Buddhist Funeral Package

1. Dignity casket (Panel with half viewing glass)

2. Transportation, Pall Bearer, Hearse and Funeral Arrangement Service

a) Collecting the body from hospital or house
b) Transportation to our mortuary for cleaning
c) Sending the deceased and casket back to the place of funeral wake
d) Assist family to book cremation slot
e) Transportation to Mandai Crematorium (MC) to pay cremation fee on family’s behalf.
f) Collect the ashes from MC and bring back to Simplicity Casket
g) Funeral Assistant on the funeral day
h) One standard hearse on the funeral day
i) Mandai cremation fee

3. Embalming, dressing and make-up
** Clothing to be provided by family

4. Photo Enlargement with Frame size of 11.5” x 13” & 4pcs Passport Size Photo

5. Flower Arrangement

6. Buddhist Backdrop set up with Altar Table and Candle

7. Rental of Tentage, Tables, Chairs, Lightings and Fans (Only applicable for HDB void deck packages)

8. Rental of air-con Funeral Parlor at Mount Vernon Parlor 1 or 2 worth $650 per day

(Excluding one-time cleaning fee of $30 & daily $25 fridge rental)
(Only applicable for Parlour Package)

9. Buddhist monk chanting services inclusive of vegetarian food offering for the deceased

10. Joss praying items for 3 days wake

11. 1 x 40 Seater air-con bus from wake to crematorium and then back to wake only

12. Mobile Toilet (Stainless steel man-hole type)

(Only applicable for HDB Void Deck Packages)
** Chemical toilet subject to top up

You are entitled to….

Upload the notice onto Heavenaddress.com for online memorials. Post any personal tribute, photograph, music and video to share and preserve precious memories of your loved one.



2 Days Package$6400
3 Days Package$6570
4 Days Package$6750
5 Days Package$6932
6 Days Package$7100
7 Days Package$7280

2 Days Package$6662
3 Days Package$7272
4 Days Package$7922
5 Days Package$8572
6 Days Package$9222
7 Days Package$9872