Cremation & Burial Services In Singapore (What You Must Know)

Cremation & Burial Services In Singapore (What You Must Know)

As every individual has unique preferences and individual beliefs, it can be challenging to make decisions when it comes to organising a funeral.

After all, having to decide between cremation and burial often involves family tradition, religion and personal beliefs. On top of that, cost will be another factor to weigh in as there is a significant difference between the cost of cremation and that of burial.

If you aren’t sure about which is a better choice for your loved one, read on to learn more about cremation and burial in greater detail, as well as some key things to note – so that you can make an informed decision.

Cremation VS Burial: Key Differences To Take Note Of

 In a nutshell, cremation involves incinerating the body so all that remains are ashes. On the other hand, the body remains intact when it comes to burial.

Depending on individual preference, one might prefer to have the body intact and buried while another could want to keep the cremated remains at home or in a columbarium, or get it scattered in the sea or land.

Of the two, cremation is generally seen as the cheaper option. However, the cost of both could be quite close depending on the types of services and products you choose.

In the event you decide on cremation, you’ll also be paying for the urn and columbarium on top of the cremation itself. For burial, you have to factor in the cost of opening and closing the grave.

In both cases, you’ll also be paying for embalming, a casket, transportation of the deceased and the funeral wake.


Here’s What You Need To Know About Cremation

In Singapore, there are a total of three crematoria: Mandai Crematorium and Columbarium Complex, Kong Meng San Phor Kark See Monastery and Tse Tho Aum Temple.

The Mandai Crematorium is government-managed while the other two are private crematoria.

It is more affordable to opt for Mandai crematorium as private crematoria charge up to four times more. For a cremation of an adult body at Mandai, expect to pay S$100.

Before the cremation takes place, family members can say goodbye, hold rites of passage or conduct a funeral service. After which, the casket gets placed in the cremation chamber, where the body gets cremated after 1 to 3 hours, depending on the body’s weight and size.

The remains, which are usually white and weigh up to 4kg, are later left to cool down so that they can be handled by staff. Depending on your requirements, the urn that is chosen to house the remains can either be placed in a crematorium, kept at home or scattered in the sea or on specified plots of land.


Here’s What You Need To Know About Burial

If you prefer to keep the body intact, only crypt or land burials can achieve this. Any other type of burial will require cremation beforehand.

As of now, the only cemetery still open for burials is the Choa Chu Kang Cemetery Complex.

Under Singapore law, crypt burials which are conducted under Muslim, Parsi, Bahai or Jewish faiths will cost S$315. Unfortunately, if you’re of another faith not listed and decide to opt for this burial, the cost would significantly go up, amounting to nearly a thousand dollars.

Before the burial, the body would be embalmed for a traditional funeral service. This involves replacing the body’s blood with chemical preservatives via the circulatory system.

Similar to the pre-cremation process, there may be a viewing as part of the service, where family members can pay their last respects.

After which, the body either gets cremated and the remains get buried or the body stays intact and gets transported to the cemetery and buried in a grave.


How To Plan For Either

Regardless of whether you have a very clear idea of what you want or if you don’t know where to begin, the best thing to do is consult your funeral director.

Equipped with years of knowledge and the expertise to meet your specific needs, our team of funeral directors will ensure that the entire funeral runs smoothly – from embalming and transporting the body to the final cremation or burial, according to your requirements.


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