Funeral Parlour In Singapore: What You Must Know

Funeral Parlour In Singapore: What You Must Know

It could seem morbid to think about death and funerals, let alone discuss the topic with our loved ones. However, it helps to be prepared and think ahead for an event we will inevitably face someday.

When you chance upon terms like “funeral wake”, “tentage funeral” and “funeral parlour”, it can feel daunting – especially if you aren’t sure what they mean. That’s why we’re here to break it down for you and make things less confusing.

Today, we take a closer look at funeral parlours and cover what you should know about them so you’ll gain a better understanding.

A Glance At Funeral Parlours

In a nutshell, a funeral parlour is a place that offers a full suite of funeral services.

On top of that, it doubles up as a venue for indoor wakes to take place as there are rooms for mourners to gather. Also, rituals and ceremonies can take place in front of the coffin.

However, there aren’t many funeral parlours in Singapore as land is scarce. Hence, only designated areas can be used for funeral services.

Planning A Funeral With A Parlour

As the parlour provides services that can help guide you through the process of organising the funeral, you can rest assured that you wouldn’t miss out on any important steps.

After obtaining a Certificate of Cause of Death (CCOD) and a Death Certificate, you can proceed to engage a funeral director and place an obituary in the local newspapers if you wish.

The wake will then take place in the funeral parlour, typically over 3 days, followed by cremation or burial. After which, the ashes can either be scattered on land or in the sea, or kept in a columbarium or transform it to become a gem stone.

Funeral Parlour vs HDB Void Deck Tentage

When making a decision, it helps to consider your individual preferences and budget as there are pros and cons to having the wake at a funeral parlour or HDB void deck.

Opting for a funeral parlour is as good as renting out a venue – that means access to a comfortable air-conditioned space for your family and those coming to pay their last respects.

While it would be a more expensive option, the funeral parlour is usually locked up at night. Hence, you’ll be able to go home and get a good night’s rest.

On the other hand, holding the wake at a HDB void deck is cheaper. However, it might not be as comfortable as a funeral parlour. Also, someone has to constantly be around as the place cannot get locked up.

Having said that, you can choose your home or family members’ void deck for convenience and still be able to get some rest or take a shower easily.

To secure the area for the wake, all you have to do is obtain a permit from the town council. 

Engaging A Funeral Director To Plan A Wake In The Funeral Parlour

Although optional, having a funeral director there for you throughout the process would make it more seamless.

This is because he or she would be the one making all the necessary arrangements for you – from handling all the logistics such as transporting the body to the funeral parlour to settling post-funeral matters including making plans for the columbarium.

Apart from that, your funeral director can offer compassionate support to you and your loved one throughout the entire period as you grieve. 

Key Things To Look For In A Funeral Parlour

As with any other product or service, it helps to do a bit of research and put some thought into the decision rather than simply going with the first option you stumble upon.

It helps to take a closer look at online reviews and testimonials as well as reach out to schedule a meeting. Through the session, you’ll gain a better idea of how the venue is like and also get to interact with the team. From there, you can gauge if they’re genuinely compassionate and committed to their work.

Other things to take into consideration when choosing a funeral parlour include the cost, location, facility and services provided.

Also, if the deceased had any last wishes or religious needs, you’ll want to ensure that the funeral parlour is able to meet those requirements.

Get All Your Funeral Needs Met Without Breaking The Bank

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Our funeral directors have the experience to help you to choose the right casket from our wide range of selections for an affordable, respectable and dignified burial.

In addition, we can help prepare, arrange and conduct funeral wakes and handle every aspect of the funeral as well – from tentage and embalming to hearse and transportation as well as parlour hall bookings.

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