How To Hold A Tentage Funeral In Singapore

How To Hold A Tentage Funeral In Singapore


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Nothing says ‘close to home’ than holding the funeral service of your loved one at their block’s void deck or multi-purpose hall. Among the various logistical factors that you need to consider for such an event, tentage is one of the most essential ones.

We’ll guide you through how to hold a tentage funeral in Singapore and the different aspects you may need to factor in.

Considerations for Tentage Funerals


Tentage is not just exclusive to HDB void deck funerals; they can also be set up on landed property and other outdoor locations as well. In general, setting up funeral tentage in private property or funeral parlours is considered to be more costly.

So if you’re looking for an inexpensive option that will not hurt your wallet, consider holding your funeral at a void deck or multi-purpose hall instead.

Number of guests

The more guests you have, the more tentage space you’ll need. While sticking to a guest list can give you an estimate of how many attendees to expect, it helps to anticipate additional guests who also want to pay their respects to the deceased.

If you want to offset some of the cost for the funeral tentage, consider having a more intimate wake where you invite just relatives and close friends of your loved one.

For individuals who need assistance in publishing a written announcement of their loved one’s passing, we provide affordable obituary services for you and your family.

Duration of Funeral

While some funerals can go on for just a few days, some go up to a whole week. For instance, Muslims are known to bury their loved ones within 24 hours of their passing for sanitary reasons since embalming is not a part of the process. On the other hand, a Christian wake can range anywhere between three to five days.

For certain funeral service providers in Singapore, tentage services are charged by the day. Although choosing more affordable options may be your priority, it is still important to factor in cultural considerations when determining the duration of the funeral.

Steps to Take When Holding a Tentage Funeral

1.    Pick a funeral service provider

Generally, the first step when organising any funeral is to engage a funeral service provider. From there, the team will assist families with all the funeral arrangements from choosing the ideal casket or urn, providing embalming and makeup services, preparing funeral flowers, making catering arrangements, and the list goes on.

While attempting to organise a funeral all on your own may seem like a cost-efficient option, you may find yourself spending more than expected due to the lack of expertise in this area. The best option is to work with an experienced funeral company that can provide you with the right services that fit your budget.

2.    Confirm your location

Once you’ve successfully picked out your ideal service provider, the next step is followed by confirming your venue or location. Whether it’s an HDB void deck, landed property, or a public road outside your house, coordinating with your funeral director on your chosen space gives them a gauge of the extent of tentage they need to provide.

Should you need transportation arrangements, we have various hearse and coach transportation options for you to choose from.

3.    Apply for the necessary permits

Regardless of where you decide to hold the wake, you will need to apply for various permits and licenses to book the place.

For void deck funerals, families need to obtain a permit from their local Town Council. Meanwhile, those held on landed property will be needing a permit from the Traffic Police (TP). 

4.    Choose your preferred tentage setup

Your tentage set up can depend on multiple factors such as the area of space and even religious requirements. For example, Christian or Catholic wakes usually use white tentage while Buddhist or Taoist ones are typically recognised by yellow tentage.

According to your service provider, they would have several tentage options for you to choose from based on personal preferences and religious rites.

If you have any custom tentage requests such as air conditioning and digital equipment, feel free to let us know so that we can accommodate them.

We’ll take care of all your logistical needs

With all the different logistical requirements to consider, organising a funeral can be a challenging task, especially for families with no experience in this area. From your custom tentage needs to other essential arrangements, let us help you in the planning process to ensure a smooth funeral service for your loved one.

Through personalised service and support, you can leave all the logistical arrangements to us and know that you are in good hands.

For more information, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at 6456 7423.

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