How To Plan A Respectable & Modest Christian Funeral In Singapore

How To Plan A Respectable & Modest Christian Funeral In Singapore

Saying farewell to a loved one is never easy. In such times, holding a funeral can seem like a daunting task. If your loved one belongs to the Christian faith, it’s important to understand the nuance and etiquette to honour their passing when considering funeral services in Singapore.

A Christian funeral is one that celebrates the life of your loved one through the faith of Jesus Christ and traditional Christian values.

Observing the right etiquette becomes a way of honouring the departed and comforting those left behind.

1. Understanding Christian Beliefs about Death and the Afterlife

At the heart of planning a Christian funeral lies a deep understanding of Christian beliefs about death and the afterlife. Christians in Singapore, much like elsewhere, believe in the resurrection and eternal life with God.

This fundamental belief shapes the tone of the funeral, emphasising a celebration of the life lived and the assurance of a transcendent existence beyond. 

2. Work With A Funeral Director

In the midst of grief and intricate funeral arrangements, seeking assistance from a funeral director can be immensely beneficial.

Funeral directors are experienced professionals who can guide you through the logistics, from obtaining necessary permits to coordinating transportation. They can also help in liaising with the church and clergy, ensuring that the funeral proceedings align with Christian customs.

Enlisting the services of a funeral director provides valuable support during a challenging time, allowing you to focus on the emotional aspects of bidding farewell to your loved one.

3. Planning the Funeral Venue

Selecting the right venue is a crucial decision in planning a Christian funeral. Churches are the traditional choice, providing a sacred space and a familiar environment for the congregation.

However, if a church isn’t feasible, funeral parlour chapels are often considered. The venue should resonate with Christian traditions, ensuring a dignified setting that reflects the beliefs of the departed.

4. Plan the Vigil and Wake

Deciding between cremation and burial is a significant aspect of funeral planning. Engage in thoughtful discussions with your funeral director about the pros and cons of each option. If your loved one had expressed a preference, ensure that this is communicated clearly.

Your funeral director can guide you through the steps involved in each choice, from selecting an urn or a casket to choosing a final resting place. Understanding the implications and processes of cremation or burial helps in making informed decisions aligned with your values and preferences. 

Plan the Vigil and Wake

5. Celebrate Mass of Christian Burial

The Mass of Christian Burial, commonly known as the funeral service, is the centrepiece of the Christian funeral. It’s a sacred occasion where the community gathers to celebrate the Eucharist, pray for the departed, and find solace in the Christian faith. 

Collaborate closely with the church and clergy to plan the order of service, incorporating scripture readings, hymns, and a eulogy that reflects the Christian beliefs of the departed.

6. Prepare The Rites Of Committal 

Following the funeral service, the rites of committal mark the moment of laying the departed to rest. This often involves a procession to the burial site, where final prayers and blessings are offered. In Singapore, where burial space is limited, cremation is a common choice. The Christian rites of committal provide closure and affirm the belief in the resurrection.

7. Notifying the Church & Clergy 

The Christian faith places significant importance on community, and the church is a central part of this community. Once you’ve experienced a loss, reaching out to the church and notifying the clergy is the initial step.

This involves contacting the parish office or the preferred church where the funeral service will take place. Timely communication allows the church to provide spiritual support and initiate the funeral planning process. 

Notifying the Church & Clergy 

Plan A Respectable Funeral In Singapore With A Funeral Director

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