Repatriation Services

A process of send dead body back to his/her homeland country

Our 24-hour caring repatriation service team will assists the bereaved family to ensure a smooth journey and timely repatriation service to send their loved ones back to their hometowns with the minimal waiting time or to bring back the loved one from overseas back to Singapore.

Our strengths in repatriation

  • More than 50 years’ experienced for human remains repatriation (inbound and outbound)
  • 24-hour caring service team to follow through the repatriation process
  • Certified and well experienced embalmers
  • Strong worldwide network connection
  • Shortest waiting time to departure
  • Proper air-conditioned holding area with 24-hour
  • Surveillance camera for security
  • Well versed with different countries’ regulations and required documentation
  • Assist bereaved family member to book flight tickets & arrange hotel accommodation.


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