The 5 Biggest Costs Of A Funeral You Must Plan For

The 5 Biggest Costs Of A Funeral You Must Plan For

Losing a loved one is an emotional journey, and planning a funeral in Singapore can be overwhelming and an expensive affair.

Amidst the grief, it’s essential to consider the financial aspect of organizing a meaningful and respectful farewell for your departed family member.

To help you navigate through this difficult time, we’ll walk you through the five most significant costs of a funeral in Singapore that you must plan for. 

The 5 Biggest Costs Of A Funeral To Plan For

1. Funeral Service & Casket

The first major expense you must plan for is the funeral service itself. Funeral homes in Singapore offer different service packages, and their costs can vary based on the type of service, venue, and additional features you choose.

These services include the embalming and preparation of your loved one’s body, and the use of the funeral home facilities for viewing and holding the service.

Another significant cost is the casket or coffin. There are various options available, from simple and cost-effective choices to more elaborate and expensive ones. The cost of the casket can significantly impact the overall funeral expenses.

2. Burial or Cremation Fees

In Singapore, most funerals conclude with either burial or cremation. Both options come with specific costs to consider.

For burials, you’ll need to factor in the purchase of a burial plot or vault at a cemetery.

On the other hand, if you opt for cremation, you’ll need to pay for crematory services and the use of the cremation facility.

The location of the cemetery or crematorium can also influence the costs as well as selecting a niche in a columbarium

3. Venue and Floral Arrangements

Choosing the venue for the funeral service, wake, or memorial ceremony is an essential consideration.

Many families in Singapore prefer places of worship, funeral homes, community centers, or private venues like a funeral home to hold the service. However, keep in mind that the rental cost for the venue will contribute to the overall expenses.

Additionally, floral arrangements are a common part of funeral traditions in Singapore. The cost of flowers can vary depending on the type, size, and complexity of the arrangements. Be sure to allocate a specific budget for floral tributes and decorations.

4. Transportation

In planning a funeral, you must consider transportation as a significant component of the overall costs.

The transportation expenses encompass various aspects, starting with the transfer of your loved one’s body from the place of death to the funeral home or mortuary.

Additionally, you’ll need to arrange for transportation to the venue where the funeral service, wake, or memorial ceremony will be held. The type of vehicle used, such as a hearse or funeral procession vehicle, can impact the total cost.

In some cases, transportation costs may also include the transfer of your loved one’s body to the final resting place, whether it be a cemetery for burial or a crematorium for cremation.

5. Funeral Director

When planning a funeral, engaging a funeral director is an essential cost you must consider. Hiring a funeral director can alleviate much of the burden and stress associated with organizing a funeral.

They are experienced professionals who can assist you in making necessary arrangements, coordinating the funeral service, and ensuring all legal requirements are met.

The funeral director’s services may include handling paperwork, obtaining necessary permits, and managing logistics, such as transportation and the use of funeral home facilities.

While there is a cost associated with hiring a funeral director, their expertise and support can be invaluable during this difficult time, allowing you to focus on honoring your departed loved one and grieving with your family.

Plan A Respectable Funeral Without Breaking The Bank 

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