The Funeral Wake: What To Expect & Best Practices In Singapore

The Funeral Wake: What To Expect & Best Practices In Singapore

Funerals are part and parcel of life and whether you visit one or have to arrange one for your loved one, it will happen during your lifetime.

There are many taboos about death and superstitions around funerals that both the bereaved family, relatives and guests might believe, however, it is useful to educate yourself on what to expect when attending the funeral wake and how to behave respectfully with grace.

In this article, we will take you through proper funeral etiquette and what to expect when you are attending a funeral wake in Singapore.

1. A Funeral Wake Is About Paying Respects & Well Wishes To The Bereaved Family

Losing a loved one isn’t easy and emotions will be high during the funeral wake. Whether you are a close family, relatives and friends with the loved one or a good acquaintance from work, it is highly respectful to pay your respects.

It is customary for a member of the bereaved family to guide you to the altar or casket where you can pay your respects.

Depending on the family’s religious beliefs, it could involve the lighting of joss sticks or candles and bowing. However, if you do not share the same beliefs, you can simply bow your head and say a silent prayer in your heart.

After which, it is likely for the family member to guide you towards your seat or invite you to partake in some food and refreshments prepared.

2. Expect To Dress Appropriately & Conservatively

Funeral wakes are serious events and it is highly recommended for both males and females to dress conservatively and appropriately. Wearing dualled down and simple colours such as grey, black, white and brown are safe choices and are generally respectful.

There is no need to overdress for the occasion in a suit and tie, but neither should you dress in skimpy or too casually an outfit.

The focus should be on celebrating the life of the loved one and showing support and encouragement for the grieving family and not an attempt to shine the spotlight on yourself.

3. Comforting The Family & Presenting A Donation

It is often good practice to check up on the grieving family’s well-being and show some sympathy and encouragement words for the loss of their loved one.

It is good to show heartfelt concern and ask if the family might need any help for the funeral wake or any other concerns they might be going through because of the loss.

It is acceptable for guests to pass on a small donation as ‘condolence money’ to the family to help subsidise the cost of the funeral wake and other expenses. The amount will be up to you, but regardless of how much you decide to give, it will be appreciated by the family.

4. Do Share Heartwarming Memories & Stories Of The Loved One

There is a good chance that you and the loved one who passed on have shared some moments and experiences together. This could be a time during your childhood or a nice moment during your working relationship.

It is respectful and welcomed to share with other guests and the family good memories and positive encounters you had with the loved one.

You can do it through casual conversation or if there are activities such as a memory jar or a segment to share pleasantries about the deceased in the funeral wake program.

5. Expect To Visit During The Announced Visiting Hours

While it is common for funeral wakes to last late into the night with a family member keeping vigil after-hours, it is generally polite and cordial to attend the funeral wake during the visiting hours.

Normally, the family will send a funeral wake invitation through a call, email or text message and it should include the funeral wake location, venues and date and time when you are invited to attend.

This is especially essential if the funeral wake is held in a funeral parlour where it will be locked up. If you cannot attend on a certain day during the visitation hours, you can always reschedule for another day while the funeral wake is still being held.

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