Why Pre-Planning A Funeral Helps You To Save On Costs

Why Pre-Planning A Funeral Helps You To Save On Costs

While the idea of funeral planning can make you feel uncomfortable or uneasy, this is an important step that more and more people are waking up to. In fact, pre-planning a funeral can help you save on costs, time and energy.

One of the big drawbacks of planning a funeral immediately after the passing of a loved one is the level of unpreparedness you have. There will be a rush to get things in order; from selecting the casket to arranging the wake.

These could contribute to higher costs and wastage of services that otherwise would be unnecessary. Here are 4 reasons why pre-planning a funeral is the best course of action that will help you save significantly on costs. 

Why Pre-Planning A Funeral Helps You Save On Costs

1. You Can Work Out Your Budget

Unlike a sudden passing, pre-planning a funeral gives you plenty of time to work out your budget to determine a sum that is feasible.

This helps you to create a list of what is good to have and what is essential. Funeral costs can get expensive, especially if you blindly select packages in a moment of grief. From caskets to burials and hearses, not all services might be needed.

Pre-planning a funeral gives you time to sit down and determine the maximum amount of money you are comfortable with paying. Besides, if you pre-plan today, you will likely save on inflation costs as well! 

2. Prepare Your Family Financially

Life can be unpredictable and the stress of a loved one passing can break apart a family. Your family members will be in a position to scramble for funeral preparations.

This could lead to disagreements and excessive knee-jerk reactions when it comes to purchases or selecting the funeral package. In addition, most funeral pre-planning packages also come with a will preparation.

A will is a written document that enables you to provide instructions and list out your wishes on how you want to distribute your estate – such as your property, money and other assets – after you pass on.

This allows you to financially prepare your family and even allows you to allocate a certain portion of your estate dedicated to funeral expenses. This helps to settle your funeral arrangements without additional burden on your family. 

3. Get Your Needs Met At A Good Cost

There are many moving parts to arranging a funeral. Handling this early allows you to speak to a funeral director that can help guide you through specific arrangements.

Funeral directors can help you weigh the different costs and options available to you. This can be selecting a casket versus cremation. If you should opt for a secular funeral or a more religious one. This can also extend to holding a funeral at a parlour versus at the void deck or home premises.

All these are important questions that will take time to prepare. By pre-planning a funeral with a funeral director, he can help guide you through the process to understand your needs within a budget.

4. You Can Pre-Pay Upfront Or Arrange For Flexible Payments

One key advantage of pre-planning a funeral is how much longer you can spread the cost of financing the funeral.

As inflation is guaranteed to increase the costs of a funeral years down the road. Pre-planning today is a wise financial decision. You get to lock in today’s costs and you choose to pay it upfront or spread your payments over months to ease the debt burden.

Either way, you get to save on future costs by locking in the price today. You save time and costs, which is an invaluable gift to your family down the road.

Plan A Respectable Funeral Without Breaking The Bank

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In addition, we can help prepare, arrange and conduct funeral wakes and handle every aspect of the funeral as well – from tentage and embalming to hearse and transportation as well as parlour hall bookings.

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