Why You Should Choose A Funeral Package In Singapore

Why You Should Choose A Funeral Package In Singapore

Holding a funeral can be a costly affair with the planning and arrangement that could take weeks.

Thankfully, by choosing a quality funeral service provider together with a suitable funeral package in Singapore, you’ll be able to provide your loved one with a dignified send-off while saving yourself a significant amount of time and money in the process.

In this article, you’ll learn why to choose a funeral package in Singapore and the benefits of doing so.

A funeral package is cost-effective

While it might seem that planning a funeral on your own could actually save you money, there are many essentials that you might miss out on.

These could include:

  • Selecting the right casket for your budget
  • Booking of the funeral venue
  • Embalming & makeup cost
  • Booking of the hearse
  • Flowers & wreaths

By going for a funeral package, you can better address all essential parts of the funeral. Plus with the guidance of a qualified funeral director, you’ll be able to effectively select a package that is within your budget without sacrificing on what’s important.

Additionally, good funeral parlours will allow you to include and exclude certain services to best fit your family’s budget and your loved one’s final wishes.

Because the funeral parlour providing the packages have extensive experience, they would have built up a network of vendors they can tap on to provide them the best pricing – this allows them to pass on the savings to you as well.

It helps you save time & reduces stress

Organizing a funeral involves many steps. From the collection of your loved one to the setting up of tentages and booking of the venues, this process could take days or even weeks to be fully arranged, making it rather inconvenient and stressful for your family members.

During this challenging period of grieving, the time is best used for family members to comfort one another and leave the stressful funeral arrangements to professionals.

With a funeral package, your service provider will take care of the planning and arrangement to ensure a smooth funeral process.

You gain valuable advice & can better personalize the funeral

No two funerals are the same.

Depending on your family’s needs and the wishes of your loved one, a funeral can be fully customised and personalised to celebrate the individual’s life in a unique way that best fits him or her.

Whether you require a Christian burial or a Buddhist funeral ceremony, different funeral packages will fully cater to your specific needs. This will entail everything from engaging the monk to the preparation of the prayer rites and the necessities to conduct it.

Furthermore, there are many post-funeral services that come with a funeral package. This could include selecting the columbarium niche or burial slab and even converting your loved one’s ash post-cremation into a wearable gemstone memento keepsake.

The logistics are handled for you

Ensuring a smooth flow for a funeral service is important. This includes contacting the right authorities to book the funeral venue (eg. HDB void deck), arranging for the tentages to be set up right, coordinating with the hearse drivers as well as the setting up of the wake itself.

All of these require time and money and good people management skills. These can be overwhelming to many families during this challenging period where the last time on your mind is arranging all these moving parts.

By choosing a funeral package, your family can relax with the comfort that the funeral process, wake, and burial will be smooth without any hiccups.

Choose the right funeral package with Simplicity Casket

At Simplicity Casket, we are proud to help families organise funerals that are affordable, dignified, and best suited to the wishes of their loved one.

With our comprehensive list of funeral packages coupled with a team of professional funeral directors, we are committed to helping guide you through the process during this difficult time, from start to finish.

These include a comprehensive list of services that include; tentage & parlour, gemstone service, casket selection, direct cremation service, and of course our list of funeral packages including:

You can learn more about our services and funeral packages at our website here, or you can drop us a call at +65 6456 7423.

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